Dataiku is an enterprise Big Data software company. They have created a cloud-based platform designed to make the huge amounts of data being gathered by companies more accessible to both data scientists and non-engineers. The goal is to allow companies to tap into the insights that are often promised by big data but that can prove elusive. They are enjoying extraordinary success in North America, Europe and ASIA. Nicholson has provided us with a tremendous way to grow quickly across the globe.

As Dataiku expanded worldwide, while adding more than 100 employees a year they engaged with the Nicholson Search and Selection to help them to identify, approach and secure their management and executive team.

Approach & Recruitment process

The search involves sourcing candidates at different levels, suitable for different roles within the same team. The consultants undertake a thorough face-to-face candidate screening, submit a refined shortlist of candidates to the organisation for review before arranging interviews. Our consultants support the final selection process, make the offers and close the successful candidates whilst providing thorough feedback to all parties.

Result: Growing team

Due to their high number of industry specialists, Nicholson’s team could fully comprehend the parameters of Dataiku’s requirements. Nicholson consultants built a strong relationship with the organisation and thoroughly researched the talent from their ecosystem.

Since 2014, Nicholson has placed 35 people with Dataiku which represents around 10% of the company’s growth. In fact Nicholson placed Dataiku’s 10th employee just before they received their first funding of $3.5Million.

We have placed their first Data Scientist in Europe (who became the Chief Data Scientist) and their first Data Scientist in US, the MD UK, RVP Germany, the VP Engineering, the VP Partnership, Head of inside Sales Europe and other senior executives in sales, presales and CSM role across EMEA and the US.


Florian Douetteau
Founder & CEO
“Nicholson has provided us with a tremendous way to grow quickly across the globe. As Dataiku expanded in France, UK, Germany and in the US, while adding more than 100 employees a year, Nicholson provided expertise and strength in order to repeatedly put us in front of the best talent around”
Julien Gargowitsch
Nicholson Search and Selection
“An efficient hiring strategy was agreed as it was important that the shortlist of candidates had the right mix of professional experience and personality fit for the organisation. Sourcing talent is a challenge for every start up but the key to success is to work in partnership with a specialist headhunter and share in detail the challenges, problems, objectives, work environment and methodologies as well as your unique offering.”

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