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Getting where you want to be is impossible without the right team around you. Since 2005 Nicholson has been helping tech firms get the right people for the job across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa.

As search specialists our in-depth market knowledge allows us to provide tailor-made solutions for the best quality outcome. So whether you’re an established software company, a brand needing to build out your tech, or a start-up setting out on a bold mission, we can help you grow faster, so you can go faster.

While there’s science,

growing your tribe

is still an art

Flat structures or well defined units? Functional experts, or all-rounders?

Either way, creating clear alignment and accountability is key. We can help you work out what you need, before finding who you need.

Whether it’s C-suite leaders, senior management or functional specialists, we can help you design the right blueprint and then secure the right commercial or technical people, at all levels.

Maintaining Momentum

Don’t allow yourself to be slowed down.
Keeping momentum is key, so even when its tricky securing the right technical talent, Nicholson can help you fill your vacancies with our Professional Contractors.

From CTO’s, software developers, engineers, programmers and architects to consultants, we can find the right freelancer for mission-critical software projects.

So you can go on building out your business knowing that you have a capable people partner filling the gaps as you grow.

Companies we’re
currently helping grow

All achieved with

a drop of

work-life balance

While we’re always client-focused, we’re also champions of work life balance. So much so, that over 4 years ago we pioneered a 4-day working week to allow for a more balanced work and home environment.

We did this quietly and carefully to see if there was any business impact, and the results speak for themselves….click below to watch the video and learn more.

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